Data Integration PicWelcome to the presserCORE Website!

presserCORE is a Software and Business Solutions Company that was founded in July 2007. The range of products that presserCORE offers revolves around the principal of knowledge management and information sharing. As a company we value relationships and are driven by results.

Global Grid PicAt presserCORE we recognize that every company is unique and therefore each company will require its own tailor-made solution. We therefore value other people’s contributions as well as their input and we continuously strive to engage and develop the people that we work with. presserCORE has adopted a SaaS (Software as a Service) Approach and as a company we look to leverage off of the online community in providing you the client with the optimal and most cost effective solution/s. The company ethos is that of sharing and developing creative new ideas.

presserCORE’s Products and services can be split into 2 key categories:

1. Business Foundation Products & Services:

At presserCORE we recognise the importance for small to medium sized businesses to have a reliable IT setup, the difference is presserCORE offers this at a fraction of the cost and limits the hardware that is needed to the bare essentials.

2. Business Optimization